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Choose The Right Wallpaper


How To Choose The Right Wallpaper?

Many of those who decide to undertake a home remodel face the need to choose materials for decorating walls. Wallpaper is a fairly common material. The appearance of the room being repaired will be transformed in this case. If there are visual defects on the walls, care should be taken to select special models. The choice should be made, taking into account the lighting and dimensions of the room. With a small room, options with a large pattern are suitable for walls. For a room with poor lighting, dark tones are not suitable, but wallpapers with a small pattern or a solid color are ideal for this case. In this case, you can achieve a visual increase in space.

Of course, to decorate any of the rooms, it is best to use wallpaper for painting in several colors. One-color acts as the main one, the others – as complementary sufficiently combined. The choice should be made taking into account the color of curtains, furniture upholstery, decorative ornaments, as well as a chandelier. It should be remembered that a lot depends on the right choice. The harmony of the whole room and measure in everything should be felt. When choosing materials for the hallway and kitchen, one should not forget about the fairly rapid deterioration of the wallpaper in such rooms. Many people prefer to choose models for painting because they are the ones that are resistant to abrasion. If dirty, they can be washed. It is good if the selected models are vinyl-based. Such wallpapers are not afraid of moisture and can be washed without any problems.

For the living room, the use of textile options and silk-screen printing is a winning option. For the bedroom, a selection of paper wallpapers is suitable. This option can also be used for pasting walls in a children’s room since paper wallpaper will be better air permeable. Such wallpapers are easy to replace because often children like to use them for drawing. For a bedroom, vinyl wallpaper is not suitable since this type of wallpaper does not allow air to pass through at all. For large living spaces, it is recommended to use wallpaper with large patterns and large colors. It will not hurt to use dark shades for such a room.

With a low ceiling height, it is allowed to use striped wallpaper or wallpaper without a pattern. The stripes must be vertical. The use of wallpaper with horizontal stripes or a large pattern is unsuitable for use in a room with high ceilings. Borders can be chosen for decoration.